Well life outside the box isn't so kind!

We all have a New Years resolution. I made one to be a better me.. Inside AND out! So I recruited my best friend (who also whats a better self) and our adventure starts on February 1st.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

January 29th 2012

It's my sons birthday!

Well the day to start is just a few days away. I am excited to start this.I've also decided to start L.A. Boxing. I've been wanting to try it and I can afford it now. Not much to say today other than a new body awaits!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 26th 2012

YAY!! We tried out first juice today! It was WONDERFUL!
4 pears
4 apples
10 baby carrots

Oh so very yummy!!! SO 6 more days untill we go full on juice!!!!
In the meantime we are gonna start replacing meals with Juices to prepare our bodies. We drank 1 cup of the above mix at around 2:30pm its now 6pm.. IM NOT HUNGRY! its amazing!
Anyway, tomorrow we have a juice invention for breakfast (since we both have a class tomorrow that 4 hours long!) I'll blog about how it goes!

By the way i found this recipe from a beautiful website that has TONS of them! Can't wait to try them!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January 24th 2012

T-minus 7 days until the juice fast. 

For those of you that have not seen it yet I highly recommend the movie "Fat, Sick, & Nearly dying" its great and its what inspired me to get myself into shape. I had already started to eat better, more greens less processed foods and only drinking water. (or crystal light) I noticed my tummy wasn't hurting in the morning as it normally does. I suffer from acid reflux and mild IBS. I realized I was not sleepy by the end of my 12 our work shift and had a ton of energy by the time I got home! So it was after i noticed these results that I saw the movie. I was an eye opener and the first thing I did was go to the website. (all links are below)
I purchased a decent (and very affordable) juicer online at Wal-Mart. I've been searching for recipes and I came a across different ones. I'll post as I go along. The website that correlates with the movie has a bunch of great recipes that I cannot wait to try and tweak! I'm so very excited to try this and even though I haven't given up processed foods completely I eat a ton of fruits and vegis and since January 9th I dropped 10lbs! thats with minimal effort.

Trust a little in this. I pent thousands of dollars and many years trying diet pills, shakes, and well everything. Look at the bigger picture when you try a weight loss supplement. They all say diet and exercise or limit your calorie intake. Well if you do that without the shakes and pills YOU WILL GET THE SAME RESULTS. The one thing I love about this is I really didn't have to put a ton of money into something. I already stuff my fridge with vegi's and fruit, and the juicer was only 30 bucks!

All I'm saying is if you use shakes, bars or high protein bars to replace meals I hope you can live the rest of your life that way because the second you start eating the way you used to all that weight will come right back. That's the BIG difference with this Juice diet. Its stuff I already eat. Its not full of fat and I will continue eating it and integrate small amounts of other foods. I'll blog everyday and please feel free to contact me!

 The juicer